How To Get Your Sh*t Together & Raise Money for Your Organization on Giving Tuesday 2018

Does your organization have a plan for #GivingTuesday? Held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this year the international giving event takes place November 27th. In a year where your organization might have focused more on advocacy or escalated your fundraising efforts, it may seem like adding another campaign to an already stretched workload isn’t a wise idea. However, participation can engage your supporters, drive new ones, and ultimately increase funding – last year, over $300 million for #GivingTuesday campaigns was raised online, with a mean gift of around $120. What organization couldn’t use more funding?

Your campaign doesn’t have to be a drain on your time. So if you feel as if you’ve waited too long to get started / have no clue what to do / don’t have time to plan, implement the tips below and you’ll be on your way to creating a valuable — and maybe even enjoyable – campaign.


Having trouble developing a campaign? Start “smart” and give your plan some focus and direction by using the SMART system. Using SMART is an easy way to organize your thoughts to create goals and objectives that define what your successful campaign looks like:

  • SPECIFIC – what is the ultimate result you seek?
  • MEASURABLE – can you measure the campaign’s success?
  • ATTAINABLE – how likely is it that your organization can reach the goal you set?
  • RELEVANT – does the goal relate to the organization’s mission?
  • TIME-BASED – can everything you want happen within a specific period of time?

The benefits of SMART goal setting? Everyone on your team will be on the same page and have the same expectations for the campaign. Learn more about SMART goal-setting.


While you don’t have to integrate your #GivingTuesday campaign into the rest of your current fundraising and marketing strategy, (it can exist as an entirely separate campaign) it makes a lot of sense – and can make planning a little easier – if you do. Expand your campaign beyond 11/27! There are many ways to cleverly include #GivingTuesday into the work you’re already doing. You can use the day as a fun way to kick off your holiday giving campaign. It can also function as a teaser mini-campaign that both raises money and informs stakeholders about what’s next for your organization.


Speaking of end-of-year campaigns, the end of year giving season means your supporters will become deluged with asks, many noting the seriousness of their work with a suitably serious letter. If you’re attaching #GivingTuesday to your larger end-of-year giving campaign, set yourself apart by making it as fun and engaging as possible. Or perhaps your organization would like to try something different? Many organizations use it as a way to test out a new fundraising method. In fact, last year, “…82% of participating organizations reported they used #GivingTuesday to try something new.” Struggling to think of some interesting ideas? Get some inspiration.


With #GivingTuesday a little more than a month away, coming up with a strategy on the fly may still be a little difficult. Fret not – let a consultant help you get the ball rolling. A qualified professional can share their expertise and help you strategize so that you run a cost-effective, fruitful, and meaningful campaign that expands your reach. You may even recoup your investment with a good fundraising ROI!