CEO’s Community Service Acknowledge by Hometown

It’s goes deeper than corporate social responsibility. Twanna A. Hines was inducted into the Steve and Sandi Adams Legacy Hall of Fame, an honor “bestowed upon alumni who served as student leaders or student employees in the Division of Student Affairs. Recipients are recognized for their contributions while on campus and their post-graduation commitment to:

  • Contributing new knowledge through research, scholarship, and creative pursuits,
  • Providing enduring dedication to individualized attention,
  • Promoting teamwork, respect for differences, and goals that celebrate diversity, or
  • Enhancing the quality of life for communities through collaborative and individual action.

The Division of Student Affairs was proud to honor this year’s inductees: Michael Schermer, Michael Donahue, Robinzina “Zina” Bryant, Twanna Hines, and Adam Ghrist.”

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