Here’s What Impact Meant for Us in July 2023

Our firm is all about sexual and reproductive health that leverages international, digital, and social impact. Because many people throw the phrase “social impact” around without explaining what they mean, we thought it could be helpful to share with you what we mean by it when we say it. So, now that we’re entering the second half of the year, one of our firm-wide projects is to thoroughly audit our impact and be transparent about that. Here’s the first report. Moving forward, we’ll keep you posted about whether we will share these on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

How We’re Different

We love transparency and plan to show that in a series of regular impact reports we’ll release this year. As we researched ESG report templates to figure out what format might work best for us, we noticed several contained empty platitudes, pinkwashing, greenwashing, and writing that sounded like an AI generator wrote it. (Psst! Pinkwashing is the practice of attempting to benefit from fake support for LGBTQ+ rights, and greenwashing is the practice of spending more resources on appearing to be environmentally friendly rather than actually being environmentally friendly.)

That’s just not who we are. We’re different.

It’s in the name: FUNKY BROWN CHICK. When our founder started the firm in 2005, she picked three things about her that would never change.

  • She has always been unconventional.
  • The color of her skin is brown.
  • She loves being a woman.

As a Black American woman-owned, progressive firm, we care more about whether we pay people fair wages, what working conditions and hours are, how diverse our team is, the kinds of organizations we partner with, what their missions are, and so on. In other words, for us, it’s really about the nitty-gritty of doing good work. In short we follow the motto: Don’t just talk about it, be about it. And this is what we’re about when we talk about being in the business of doing good for the long run.

Year Founded




Office Locations


1151 Walker Road

Dover, DE 19904

United States


Mercado de Ribeira

Av. 24 de Julho, 1o andar

Lisboa, Portugal 1200-479

Team Member Working Locations

U.S. and Europe

Reporting Period

Month — July 2023

Who We Are Today

We envision a more just, loving, healthy, unoppressed world. Specifically, to reduce health disparities and other inequities, FUNKY BROWN CHICK provides sexual and reproductive health education through digital communications and performing arts. 

In our client work, we help nonprofits, NGOs, and for-profit entities who care about progress make more money, reach more people, increase awareness, and ultimately scale their impact. We are particularly good at effectively and authentically engaging communities where they are — watching movies and TV shows, attending theater performances, taking classes on college campuses, and especially playing around on the internet.

Our founder Twanna A. Hines is an award-winning sexual and reproductive health educator, and healthy relationships advocate. When it comes to reducing health disparities, she does that by spreading sexual health education to communities that need it. She writes books & articles, teaches courses, and speaks at conferences, campuses, and corporations.

Our Areas of Impact

We know sexual health education is inherently intersectional. If we’re ever to achieve truly comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education for all, we need everyone to do their part. If they do not work directly in sexual and reproductive health, our clients usually work in one of our nine impact areas:

  1. Arts for social change
  2. Civic engagement & voting rights
  3. Climate justice
  4. Food security
  5. Healthcare
  6. Human rights
  7. Immigration justice
  8. Income & employment
  9. Racial justice

Collectively, our firm knows the world revolves around relationships — so we decided that’s how we’ll measure our impact. We’ll share details about our impact with our team members, clients, partners, and the communities we reach.

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