Introducing: Our Areas of Impact at Work

Whether this is your first or hundredth visit to the FUNKY BROWN CHICK site, our firm wants to introduce you to our Areas of Impact. Although this is an “introduction,” these areas have been core to our firm for years. As a socialist firm, we seek to be open and transparent in everything we do, and now we want to share how and why we pick our clients. 

Areas of Impact:

  1. Arts for Social Change: FUNKY BROWN CHICK works with small businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, and community organizations to build a more just world. We are committed to leveraging artistic and cultural expressions to drive social change and impact in communities.
  2. Civic Engagement & Voting Rights: We increase civic engagement and voter rights. Women make up at least half of the electorate, and legislators are increasingly voting on gender-focused and reproductive health-focused matters, including abortion access. Coupled with the ongoing assault on voting rights, we recognize the importance of partnering with organizations in this area.
  3. Climate Justice: To ultimately reduce health disparities and other inequities, FUNKY BROWN CHICK welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations focused on climate justice and sustainability efforts. We recognize that reproductive health is affected when our water, air, and lands are polluted. Not to mention, due to discrimination, gender and sexual minorities are more likely to be economically disadvantaged and, therefore, less likely to figuratively and literally weather storms.
  4. Food Security: Our founder is from the Midwest and has previously worked at one of the most well-known, Midwestern-based, Fortune 500 food companies. While there, she led digital efforts to reduce global hunger. The firm understands that food security impacts every area of life; as one example, poverty and food insecurity are key drivers in sexual battery, survival sex, sex work, and child marriage.
  5. Healthcare: As a firm, FUNKY BROWN CHICK understands that healthcare access and policy are inherently intersectional and that, within this area, sexual and reproductive health is often stigmatized. We work with organizations and businesses to develop digital solutions that enable them to effectively and authentically engage communities.
  6. Human Rights: In our work toward a world free from oppression, FUNKY BROWN CHICK works with organizations that promote and advocate for various human rights issues, including the right to sexual and reproductive health. Committed to reducing violence and increasing security, our founder has previously worked at the U.S. Department of State and is a Truman National Security Project member.
  7. Immigration Justice: Women bear the brunt of the impact of many refugee resettlement issues, including the separation of children and sexual violence in refugee camps. FUNKY BROWN CHICK has worked with several immigrant justice organizations to help them get out the word and advocate for immigrant justice. In addition, Twanna’s experience living outside the U.S. has allowed her to see firsthand how differently people are treated based on immigration status. 
  8. Income and Employment: Pay disparities, wealth gaps, and lack of access to employment opportunities result from gender and race-based inequities and discrimination. FUNKY BROWN CHICK is proud to work with organizations and businesses focused on achieving justice and eliminating barriers to and in income and employment.
  9. Racial Justice: FUNKY BROWN CHICK is a Black woman-owned firm where most of the team are BIPOC, women, LGBTQ, and combinations thereof. We have experience working on many racial justice-related issues, including immigrant justice, reducing state-sponsored violence, and improving educational and health equity. Many of our clients are at the forefront of tackling these issues. 

Across the board, we provide unique strategic communications solutions that leverage arts, culture ,and digital media for social change. Our clients work with us because we understand our areas of impact well, deliver results, and show clients how we can all “win” on these issues for the betterment of sexual and reproductive health.

If our vision for a better world is aligned with yours, get in touch with us. We’d love to work together.