We Love Businesses and NGOs That Support Democracy

As a writer and performer, my passion is really about creating nonfiction, highly personal stories and updates that really resonate with the people who read my stuff or see me on stage. As a business owner, I’m grateful to have a team of talented folks whose collective expertise helps run the company, including producing informative resources like the ones that appear here.

Twanna Hines

We want your organization to “win, win, win, no matter what“!! And when it comes to promoting civic engagement & voting rights, we know who wins matters.

That’s why we want to talk about Florida, a swing state. We love working with businesses, NGOs, and nonprofits who care about the causes that we do. We are very interested in working with Florida-based organizations we are active in our areas of impact:

  • Arts for Social Change
  • Civic Engagement & Voting Rights
  • Climate Justice
  • Food Security
  • Healthcare
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration Justice
  • Income & Employment
  • Racial Justice

We mention Florida in particular because here are a few things that we noticed.

In recent months, the state of Florida has become a battleground for rights, as a series of concerning anti-democratic laws targeting transgender individuals, LGBTQ communities, immigrants, and more have been rapidly passed. These laws, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, have raised significant concerns about the safety and well-being of these communities. The consequences have been dire, prompting a mass exodus of individuals who fear for their safety and fundamental rights. It is crucial to shed light on these issues and explore ways in which we can support the affected communities during these challenging times.

Transgender and LGBTQ Rights Under Threat

One of the most distressing aspects of the recent legislation in Florida is the direct assault on transgender and LGBTQ rights. Transgender individuals, in particular, have been gravely affected, as the state now possesses the ability to remove children from their families and deny them necessary medical care. We must support trans kids and we know that denying kids gender-affirming care is a form of abuse (more than 80% of trans youth have contemplated suicide). LGBTQ communities, on the other hand, face bans on drag performances, restrictive book bans, and the implementation of the notorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill. These discriminatory actions have created an environment of fear, prompting many to rightly seek safer spaces outside of Florida

Erosion of Medical Freedom

Another concerning development is the erosion of medical freedom laws in the state. Under these new laws, healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and EMTs are granted the right to refuse patients based on religious, moral, or ethical grounds. This poses a severe threat to marginalized communities seeking essential healthcare services, as it enables discrimination and denies them access to vital medical care.

Expanding Death Penalty

Florida has lowered the threshold for the death penalty on juries, eliminating the need for unanimous agreement. This change undermines the principles of fairness and justice and raises serious concerns about wrongful convictions and a potential increase in executions. Our firm believes the death penalty is state-sanctioned violence, violating human rights. Further, given inherent racial and economic biases, this runs along our firm’s support of racial and economic justice.

Impact on Immigrants and Workers

The state’s implementation of the e-verify system, which checks the citizenship status of workers, has had profound implications for immigrant communities. Employers now face substantial fines for hiring undocumented workers, leading to a decrease in available job opportunities. This shift has caused many immigrants to refrain from seeking employment in Florida, resulting in staff shortages in various industries, including agriculture and hospitality. Additionally, solidarity among truckers in support of immigrants may potentially lead to shortages of essential goods, affecting the wider population.

The Importance of Education

We believe addressing these things are vital when it comes to building healthy, viable communities. Well educated citizenry is better for all of us. Such communities make well-informed, smart decisions about who they’ll elect to lead. Florida’s state education ranks in the bottom 10 of all states and now limiting inclusive forms of arts through book bans as well as safe expression, it will continue to lag most states.

Our firm actively educates individuals and stands up for ending oppression. In fact, our founder regularly speaks at large, youth-serving organizations to help them strategically navigate making their institutions more gender inclusive. It is crucial that we educate ourselves and others about these issues, support affected communities, and take action to protect fundamental human rights. By standing together, amplifying voices, and supporting organizations working tirelessly to uphold justice and equality, we can make a meaningful difference. Remember, your vote and support can help shape a more inclusive and compassionate Florida for all.

We don’t care if you support the Rattlers, Gators, or the Noles (👀 , yes they need to change their name), get in touch with us to talk about upping your game when it comes to getting your bases actively and digitally engaged on voting rights and civic engagement.