Why Our Firm Is Closed on Labor Day

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Twanna Hines

Labor Day, observed on September 4th in the United States, is a significant holiday that honors the contributions and achievements of workers throughout history.

Labor unions have played a crucial role in advocating for workers’ rights and improving labor conditions. Organized groups of workers have historically united to fight for fair wages, reasonable working hours, safer working conditions, and other essential benefits that we often take for granted today. Through collective bargaining and negotiations, labor unions have made significant strides in shaping labor laws and ensuring a more equitable workplace.

One of the key contributions of labor unions is their role in establishing safety standards for the modern workforce. Unions have been instrumental in fighting for regulations prioritizing worker well-being, promoting workplace safety, and providing adequate protection against hazards. By collectively addressing safety concerns, labor unions have helped shape a work environment that prioritizes the welfare of employees.

In recent years, labor unions have faced numerous challenges that have led to a decline in their influence. Powerful corporations and government entities often use propaganda and legal maneuvers to diminish collective bargaining power and weaken labor unions. As a result, workers may find it increasingly difficult to negotiate wages and benefits. Recognizing these challenges is crucial to ensure the continued protection of workers’ rights.

Not only do we celebrate Labor Day, we stand with all the workers that are on strike. You’ve likely heard of the SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood, but did you know that there were over 300 strikes in 2022 and in just eight months in 2023, there have been nearly 200 spanning many industries? Strikes are rising as workers fight for fair pay, living wages, and acknowledgement.

The United States observes Labor Day on a different date than many European countries. This separation serves as a reminder of efforts to prevent workers from uniting for common goals. By having separate labor holidays, workers’ solidarity and collective strength can be weakened. However, fostering a global understanding and support for workers’ rights is essential, recognizing that labor rights transcend borders and should be upheld universally.

By closing our doors on Labor Day, we demonstrate our commitment to recognizing and honoring the importance of workers’ rights and the struggles faced by labor unions. We believe that by providing our team members with a day to reflect on the achievements of the labor movement, we promote a workplace culture that values fair treatment, respect, and collective empowerment. Let us use this day to celebrate the progress made and to recommit ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of acceptable labor practices and a more equitable future.