Why Our Firm Is Closed on Christmas

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Twanna Hines

As the holiday season approaches, the world glistens with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and a sense of joy and merriment. For many, Christmas is a time of togetherness, giving, and celebration rooted in Christian beliefs; however, few people know that the origins of Christmas lie in an ancient pagan festival known as Saturnalia, which was a celebration of the Roman god of agriculture, Saturn. At our firm, we embrace the historical significance of this holiday and choose to close our doors from Christmas until New Year’s to respect its roots and honor the diversity of our team and clients.

In ancient Rome, Saturnalia was a week-long festival held in mid-December to honor Saturn, the god of sowing and agriculture. The festivities began on December 17 and continued until December 23, during which the Romans engaged in exuberant celebrations and various customs that may sound strikingly similar to modern Christmas traditions. Romans would exchange gifts, decorate their homes with greenery, feast, drink, and indulge in merrymaking.

The exchanging of gifts symbolized goodwill and friendship, and homes were adorned with evergreen decorations as a symbol of life and rebirth during the winter months. The feasting and parties brought people together in a spirit of joy and camaraderie. Essentially, the heart of Saturnalia was to spread happiness and celebrate the shared human experience.

At FUNKY BROWN CHICK, we believe that the essence of any holiday lies in its message of joy, unity, and compassion. By recognizing the pagan origins of Christmas and its striking resemblance to Saturnalia, we embrace the universal spirit of celebration that transcends religious boundaries. Our decision to close the firm from Christmas until New Year’s is not an exclusion of any particular religious belief; instead, it is an invitation to celebrate them all or none, as individuals wish.

We recognize the significance of federal holidays in Portugal and the US. On these holidays, we remain closed as a sign of respect for the cultural heritage and traditions of the countries we operate in. By embracing the diversity of traditions and fostering a sense of inclusion, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels respected and valued.
As you celebrate this holiday season, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the shared humanity that binds us all together, regardless of our individual beliefs. As American writer Anita Diamant says, “This is the season when people of all faiths and cultures are pushing back against the planetary darkness. We string bulbs, ignite bonfires, and light candles. And we sing.” Let us spread joy, love, and kindness, making this a merry and inclusive season for everyone. Happy holidays from our firm to you!