Why Our Firm Observes Dia da Imaculada Conceição

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Twanna Hines

On December 8th, the Portuguese people unite to celebrate Dia da Imaculada Conceição, also known as the Feast of Immaculate Conception. This significant holiday holds religious and cultural importance for many Catholics, as it commemorates the conception of the Virgin Mary, who, according to their belief, became pregnant without having sex. This belief is a key part of Catholic theology, and it highlights the pivotal role of Mary in the Christian faith. Our firm holds this occasion in high regard and closes our doors to allow our team members to participate in this cherished tradition.

Throughout Portugal, Dia da Imaculada Conceição is observed with great reverence and enthusiasm. Many people attend special masses at churches and cathedrals, offering prayers and expressions of devotion to the Virgin Mary. The celebration serves as a moment of reflection, gratitude, and unity within the community as people come together to honor the Blessed Mother and seek her intercession. Some may also use this occasion to seek guidance, forgiveness, and spiritual renewal in their own lives.

At FUNKY BROWN CHICK, we recognize the diversity of our clients and team members’ beliefs and values. We understand the importance of religious observances and cultural traditions in fostering a sense of identity and belonging. As part of our commitment to inclusivity and respect for individual beliefs, we do not close our doors for any particular religious holiday — welcoming team members of all faiths to celebrate, observe, not work, and participate in the celebrations of their choosing without concerns about work obligations. We close our doors on Dia da Imaculada Conceição because we’re closed on all Portuguese and U.S. holidays.
We take pride in respecting and honoring the beliefs of others and recognizing the value of cultural traditions in shaping individual identities.

We know everyone deserves peace, reflection, and spiritual renewal. May the spirit of Dia da Imaculada Conceição inspire us all to embrace compassion, kindness, and unity in our lives and our work.