Why Our Firm Is Closed on Implantação da República

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Twanna Hines

Implantação da República, also known as the Proclamation of the Portuguese Republic, is a significant historical event in Portugal. As October 5th approaches, our firm wants to take the opportunity to explain why we close our doors in observance. 

First, starting with a little history lesson about republics in general might be helpful. In the U.S., did you know The Pledge of Allegiance — which is actually a pledge to our republic — was written by a socialist Baptist minister named Frank Bellamy? The original words were:

“I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

A republic is a country run for and by people who elect their leaders — instead of a supreme power, such as a member of the monarchy, ruling the country. Well, Portugal and its colonies used to be run by a monarchy. On October 5, 1910, the political party that wanted Portugal to be a republic, Partido Republicano Português, led a revolution that overthrew the Portuguese monarchy, ending the reign of King Manuel II. This event, known as the Proclamation of the Portuguese Republic, marked the beginning of a new era for the country. Portugal transitioned from a monarchy to a republic, with a government that was intended to be more democratic and representative of the people.

A desire for political change, social progress, and the pursuit of democratic ideals drove the 1910 revolution and the subsequent establishment of the Portuguese Republic. The new republic sought to provide equal rights and opportunities to all citizens, promoting a more inclusive society. It represented a turning point in Portuguese history, shaping the political landscape and setting the stage for modern governance in the country.

On Implantação da República, people in Portugal commemorate the day in various ways. Many take advantage of the day off by spending time with friends and family, enjoying the company of loved ones when it falls on a weekday. Considering the beautiful landscapes, outings and family gatherings could create a festive and relaxed atmosphere, allowing one to appreciate the country’s natural beauty and the joy of shared experiences.

At FUNKY BROWN CHICK, we recognize and respect the historical and cultural significance of Implantação da República — and governments run for and by the people. By closing our doors on this day, we pay tribute to the establishment of the Portuguese Republic and the strides made toward a more democratic society. We believe in fostering a workplace environment that values professional commitments and preserving national heritage and traditions. Plus, the strategic planning, data analytics, and digital strategy work we provide for our nonprofit clients working in civic engagement and voting rights further their impact in supporting and spreading democracy. Today and all days, we encourage you to embrace the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, participate in festivities, and reflect on the journey toward a more inclusive society.