Why We’re Closed for Corpo de Deus

In our commitment to inclusivity, we honor and respect the autonomy of each individual’s beliefs, whether they encompass religious faith, non-religious convictions, atheism, agnosticism, or any other belief system. It’s important to note that as we observe all Portuguese and U.S. federal holidays, some of these dates may carry religious significance.

Corpo de Deus, also known as Corpus Christi, is a national holiday in Portugal so we will be closed. Corpus Christi is celebrated on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday, typically in late May or early June. This year, the holiday will be celebrated on June 8th. This observance holds deep historical and theological significance for people who are Christians.

One of the most visually captivating aspects associated with Corpo de Deus is the creation of the Ponta Delgada, a long carpet made of flower petals. The holiday is often accompanied by special hymns and prayers, which allow participants to express their devotion and gratitude for the central sacrament of the Christian faith.

We honor and respect the religious traditions and beliefs of our team members and clients observing this important holiday. It is an opportunity to deepen their faith and connect with the spiritual message that the Eucharist embodies. We encourage dialogue, empathy, and appreciation for diverse faiths and beliefs. And, to everyone, have a wonderful day however you choose to spend it.